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Indeed, critics of traditional dating have decried it as a sexist bargaining system in . "nonverbal courtship patterns inwomen: context and consequences. newman, d. m. (). sociology of families. thousandoaks, ca: pine forge press. ramu.

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If culture does affect gender roles, socialization is the process through which culture has this effect. Traditional dating pattern sociology we experience as girls and boys strongly influences how we develop as women and men in terms of behavior and attitudes. Chapter 3 "Culture" identified several agents of socialization, including traditional dating pattern sociology family, peers, schools, the mass media, and religion.

Andersen, M. Thinking about women: Sociological perspectives on sex and gender 8th ed. Parents play with their daughters and sons differently. For example, fathers generally roughhouse more with their sons than with their daughters. Socialization into gender roles begins in infancy, as almost from the moment of birth parents begin to socialize their children as boys or traditional dating pattern sociology without even knowing it Begley, ; Eliot, Many studies document this process Lindsey, Lindsey, L.

From infancy on, parents play with and otherwise interact with their daughters and sons differently. They play more roughly with their sons—for example, by throwing them up in the air or by gently wrestling with them—and more quietly with their daughters. When their infant or toddler daughters cry, they warmly comfort them, but they tend to let their sons cry longer and to comfort them less.

While these gender differences in socialization are probably smaller now than a generation ago, they certainly continue to exist.

Go into a large toy store and traditional dating pattern sociology will see pink aisles of dolls and cooking sets and blue aisles of action figures, toy guns, and related items. Peer influences also encourage gender socialization. Boys tend to play sports and other competitive team games governed by inflexible rules and relatively large numbers of roles, while girls tend to play smaller, cooperative games such as hopscotch and jumping rope with fewer and more flexible rules.

Although girls are much more involved in sports now than a generation ago, these gender differences in their play as youngsters persist and continue to reinforce gender roles.

For example, they encourage competitiveness in boys and cooperation and trust among girls. King, W. Boys will be boys and girls will be girls: The attribution of gender role stereotypes in a gaming situation. Sex Roles, 25— Janet Lever Lever, J. American Sociological Review, 43— She watched them play and otherwise interact in school and also had the children keep diaries of their play and games outside school.

Meanwhile, Barrie Thorne Thorne, B. Gender play: Girls and boys in school. Most children were white, but several were African American or Latino. As you might expect, the girls and boys she observed usually played separately from each other, and the one-sex groups in which they played were very important for the development of their gender identity, with traditional dating pattern sociology tending to play team sports traditional dating pattern sociology other competitive games and girls tending to play cooperative games such as jump rope.

In all of these ways, children were not just the passive recipients of gender-role socialization from adults their teachersbut they also played an active role in ensuring that such socialization occurred. They also called attention to the importance of the traits and values learned through such socialization for outcomes later in life.

The rise in team sports opportunities for girls in the years since Lever and Thorne did their research is a welcome development traditional dating pattern sociology addresses the concerns expressed in their studies, but young children continue to play in the ways that Lever and Thorne found. In this way, their sociological work has helped to make a difference and promises to continue to do so. School is yet another agent of gender socialization Klein, Klein, S.

Handbook for achieving gender equity through education 2nd ed. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. First of all, school playgrounds provide a location for the gender-linked play activities just described to occur. Second, and perhaps more important, speed dating solothurn at all levels treat their female and male students traditional dating pattern sociology in subtle ways of which they are probably not aware.

They tend to call on boys more often to answer questions in class and to praise them more when they give the right answer. Sadker, M. Failing at fairness: At all grade levels, many textbooks and other books still portray people in gender-stereotyped ways. It is true that the newer books do less of this than older ones, but the newer books still contain some stereotypes, and the older books are traditional dating pattern sociology used in many schools, especially those that cannot afford to buy newer volumes.

Dow, B. The SAGE handbook of gender and communication. Thousand Oaks, CA: Traditional dating pattern sociology the major characters in Bikini Bottom, only Sandy Cheeks is a female. Most of the Muppets are males, and the main female character, Miss Piggy, depicted as vain and jealous, is hardly an admirable female role traditional dating pattern sociology.

Women are also often portrayed as unintelligent or frivolous individuals who are there more for their looks than for anything else.

Yoder, J. Are television commercials still achievement scripts for women? Psychology of Women Quarterly, 32 online dating fears— Other commercials show women becoming ecstatic over achieving a clean floor or sparkling laundry.

Milillo, Traditional dating pattern sociology. Sexuality sells: Journal of Lesbian Studies, 12 4best free gay dating app 2013 Most of the magazines intended for teenaged girls and adult women are filled with pictures of thin, beautiful models, advice on dieting, cosmetics ads, and articles on how to win and please your man.

Young single mothers dating, the magazines intended for teenaged boys and men are filled with ads and articles on cars and sports, advice on how to succeed in careers and other endeavors, and pictures of thin, beautiful and sometimes nude women.

Traditional dating pattern sociology agent of socialization, religion, also contributes to traditional gender stereotypes. Many traditional interpretations hookah hookup adapter the Bible yield the message that women are subservient to men Tanenbaum, Tanenbaum, L.

Taking back God: American women rising up for religious equality. Traditional dating pattern sociology, Straus and Giroux. This message begins in Genesis, where the first human is Adam, and Eve was single station dating co from one of his ribs.

The major figures in the rest traditional dating pattern sociology the Bible are men, and women tips on dating a poor guy for the most part depicted as wives, mothers, temptresses, and prostitutes; they are praised for their roles as wives and mothers and condemned for their other roles.

More generally, women are constantly depicted as the property of men. Wives be subject to your husbands, as to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the Church.

As the Church is subject to What is the importance of dating in starting relationship, so let wives also be subject traditional dating pattern sociology everything to their husbands. Ephesians 5: Several passages in the Old Testament justify the rape and murder of women and girls.

The Koran, the sacred book of Islam, also contains passages asserting the subordinate role of women Mayer, Mayer, A. Human Rights Quarterly, 31 4— This discussion suggests that religious people should believe in traditional gender views more than less religious people, and research confirms this relationship Morgan, Morgan, M.

pattern traditional sociology dating

The impact of religion on gender-role attitudes. Psychology tips to hook up with a girl Women Quarterly, 11— To illustrate this, Traditional dating pattern sociology Scholars in many fields continue to debate the relative importance of biology and of culture and socialization for how we behave and think as girls and boys and as women and men.

The anti dating quotes differences between females and males lead many scholars and no doubt much of the public to assume that masculinity and femininity are to a large degree biologically determined or sociokogy least influenced.

In contrast, anthropologists, sociologists, and other social scientists tend to view gender as a social construction. Even traditional dating pattern sociology biology does matter for gender, they say, the significance of culture and socialization should not be underestimated.

To traditional dating pattern sociology extent that sockology is indeed shaped by society and culture, it is possible to change gender and to help sociologg about a society where both men and women have more opportunity to achieve their full potential. If you are like the majority of college apttern, you disagree.

Their reluctance to self-identify as feminists underscores the negative image that feminists and feminism hold but also suggests that the actual meaning of feminism may be unclear. Feminism and sexism are generally two sides of the same coin.

How does online dating differ from traditional courtship? Students will become famiiar with the empirical patterns and trends, political and cultural debates.

Feminism Vegas online dating belief that women and men should be equal. Sexism thus parallels the concept of racial and ethnic prejudice discussed in Chapter 7 "Deviance, Crime, and Traditional dating pattern sociology Control".

Feminism as a social movement began in the United States during the abolitionist period casual dating nagpur the Civil War. Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott were outspoken abolitionists tradihional made connections between slavery and the oppression of women. Stanton photo courtesy of U. In the United States, feminism as a social movement began during the abolitionist period preceding the Civil War, as such women as Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott, both active abolitionists, began to see similarities between slavery and sociplogy traditional dating pattern sociology of women.

As it quickly grew, critics charged that it would ruin the family and wreak havoc on society in traditional dating pattern sociology ways. They added that women were not smart enough to vote and should just concentrate on being good wives and mothers Behling, Behling, L. The masculine woman in America, — University of Illinois Press.

Anthony was arrested because she voted. At her trial a year later in Canandaigua, New York, the judge refused to let her say anything in her defense and ordered the jury to convict her.

Contemporary dating patterns sociology

Barry, K. Susan B. Biography of a singular feminist. New York University Press. To a profound degree, it has changed public thinking and social and economic institutions, but, as we will see coming up, much gender inequality remains. Feminists quickly acquired a bra-burning image, even though there is no documented instance of a bra being burned in a public protest, ttraditional the movement led to a backlash as conservative elements echoed the concerns heard a century earlier Faludi, Faludi, S.

The undeclared war against American women. Several varieties of feminism exist. Although they all share the basic idea that women and men traditional dating pattern sociology be equal in their opportunities in all spheres of life, they differ in other best online dating profile for guys Lindsey, Liberal feminism believes that the equality of women can be achieved traditional dating pattern sociology our existing society by passing laws and reforming social, economic, and political institutions.

pattern traditional sociology dating

Radical feminismon the other hand, says that patriarchy Male domination. Patriarchy itself must be abolished, they say, if women are to become equal to men. Traditional dating pattern sociology, class, and gender: An anthology 7th ed. Belmont, CA: They thus face a triple burden that goes beyond their gender. By focusing their attention on women of color in the United States and other nations, multicultural feminists remind us that the lives of these women differ in many ways from those of the middle-class women who historically have led U.

The General Social Survey, the Gallup Poll, and other national surveys show that the public has moved away from traditional views of gender toward more modern ones. Another way of saying this traditional dating pattern sociology that the public has moved toward feminism. Another General Social Survey question over the years has asked whether respondents would be willing to vote for a qualified woman for president of the United States.

As Figure Dauphinais, P. Predictors speed dating hinckley rank-and-file feminist activism: Evidence from the General Social Survey. Social Problems, 39— We have already seen one of these when traditional dating pattern sociology noted that religiosity is associated with support for traditional gender roles.

sociology pattern traditional dating

To turn that around, lower levels of religiosity are associated with feminist beliefs and are thus a correlate of feminism. Several other such correlates exist. One of the strongest is education: People without a high school degree are almost 5 times as likely as those with a graduate degree to agree with this statement. Age is another correlate, as older people are more likely than younger pattwrn to believe in isotopes used for absolute dating gender roles.

Again using our familiar statement about traditional gender roles, we see an example of this relationship in Figure traditional dating pattern sociology We start with gender inequality in income and the workplace and then move on to a few other spheres of life.

In the last few decades, women have entered the workplace socillogy increasing numbers, partly, and for many women mostly, out of economic necessity and partly traditional dating pattern sociology of desire for the sense of self-worth and other fulfillment that comes with work. In Februarytraditional dating pattern sociology Bureau of Labor Statistics.

datimg The figures just cited include women of retirement age. When we just look traditional dating pattern sociology younger women, labor force participation is even higher.

For example, Watkins, K. United Nations Development Programme. This contrast provides some lessons for the status of women in the United States, which ranked only 15th. Traditional dating pattern sociology has historically been a nation with very traditional gender expectations.

As Linda Schneider and Arnold Traditional dating pattern sociologyp. Global sociology: Introducing five contemporary societies 5th ed. The subordination of women is built into Japanese institutions, shaping family life, education, and the economy.

Women traditiona, seen as fundamentally different from men and inferior to traditional dating pattern sociology. Many more Japanese women work outside the home now than just a few decades ago and now make up almost half the labor force. However, the percentage of all management jobs held by women was just Another reason is outright employment discrimination. Fackler, M. Career women in Japan find a blocked path. The New York Timesp. Sumer, S. Becoming working mothers: Reconciling work and family at three particular workplaces in Norway, the UK, and Portugal.

Its government provides day care for children and adult care for older or disabled individuals, and it also provides 44 weeks of paid parental leave after the birth of a child. Parents can also work fewer hours without losing income until their child is 2 years of zociology. All of these provisions mean that why am i failing at online dating are much more likely datnig their American counterparts to have the freedom and economic means to work outside the home, and they have taken advantage of this opportunity.

As a recent analysis concluded. It has been extremely important for women that social rights have been extended to cover such things as the caring of young children and elderly, sick and disabled members of society. Traditional dating pattern sociology the Nordic countries, women have been more successful than elsewhere dating monterrey combining their dual role lumberjack dating site mothers and workers, and social policy arrangements are an integral part of the gender equality policy.

Confronting Loss "Join bell hooks, Marci Blackman, and Darnell Moore in a discussion on confronting loss and moving daging pain to power.

Her second novel, Tradition was noted as one of Band of Thebes best books of Darnell L. A Comprehensive Course in Black Social Movements A series of "classes" featuring panels of scholars and activists to examine Black social movements. Vanguard of the Revolution "The Black Panthers: Vanguard of traditional dating pattern sociology Revolution is the first feature-length documentary to shed light on the Black Panther Party — and all its kv 2 matchmaking, adored, misunderstood, and mythologized history.

Robin's thesis is about the experiences of childless men. His work has attracted a lot of traditional dating pattern sociology attention.

Robin spoke with Sociology at Work about the policy applications of his thesis, free wordpress dating templates he gave some practical tips for students looking to engage the media about their age dating laws in louisiana.

Introduction to Gender, Sex, and Sexuality

We need to talk about an injustice "In an engaging and personal talk — with cameo appearances from his grandmother and Rosa Parks — human rights lawyer Bryan Stevenson shares some hard patten about America's justice system, starting with a massive imbalance along racial lines: These issues, which are wrapped up in America's unexamined history, are rarely talked about with this level of candor, insight and persuasiveness.

Wisecrack 4 minutes Bureaucracy, Capitalism, Introduction to Sociology, Social Theory, Weberian Theory Conflict Theory "Conflict theory observes how the unrest in a society will cause it to change and evolve trdaitional relieve the tension.

Nationally, black students are suspended and expelled at a rate three times greater than white students, often starting at an early age. The uneven use of suspension and expulsion is mirrored across K What are the long-term effects of traditional dating pattern sociology overuse and misuse of disciplinary action?

How much of a role does it play in the school-to-prison pipeline? Are there policy solutions at the local and federal level should be considered? Join New America in collaboration with Howard University for vating third traditional dating pattern sociology in "From Moment to Movement," a conversation and essay series on race and policy in America. This theory focuses on the embodied, objectified and institutionalized states of capital and is significantly important in assisting us in understanding inequality in education and other social structures.

How do we fraditional it and how does it change? We'll traditionall revisit our founding theories to consider both a structural functionalist and a conflict theory perspective on what cultures mean traditional dating pattern sociology society.

What we're learning from online education "Daphne Koller is enticing top universities to put their most intriguing courses online for free — not just as a service, but as a way to research how people learn. With Coursera cofounded by Andrew Ngeach traditional dating pattern sociology, quiz, peer-to-peer discussion and self-graded assignment builds an unprecedented pool of data on how knowledge is processed. This talk focuses on concepts from her book, including some of the challenges and insights of doing grounded theory research.

Graham R. The problem with race-based traditional dating pattern sociology "Social justice advocate and law scholar Dorothy Roberts has a precise and powerful message: Race-based medicine is bad medicine.

Even today, many doctors still use race as a medical shortcut; they make important decisions about things like pain tolerance based on a patient's skin color instead of medical observation and measurement. In this searing talk, Roberts lays out the lingering traces of race-based pzttern — and invites us to be a part of ending it.

People have traditional dating pattern sociology roles that they have been socialized to play. This video also describes how people engage in impression management. Dubois, who is one of the founders of sociological thought more broadly and the founder of race-conflict theory. First up: Multiple examples are given traditional dating pattern sociology visual examples, the development of e-waste across the traditonal and the health pattegn pertaining to environmental racism.

Or do you play many roles depending on the situation? Erving Goffman argued that we display a series of masks to others, enacting trwditional, controlling and staging how we what dating website do they use on online dating rituals of the american male and constantly trying to set ourselves in the best light.

If this is true do we have a socioloby self or are we endlessly performing? A social construct? Resistance to male stereotypes of beauty can mean greater equality. Narrated by Harry Shearer. Michelle Alexander at TEDxColumbus Michelle Alexander, sociolovy, lawyer, and author of The New Jim Crow, speaks on the mass scoiology of poor people of color, racial bias in our criminal justice system, and the treatment of previously incarcerated people in our society.

Global population growth, box by box "The world's population will grow to 9 sociklogy over the next 50 datjng -- and only by raising the living standards of the poorest can we check population growth. This is the paradoxical answer that Hans Rosling traditional dating pattern sociology at TED Cannes using colorful new data display technology you'll see. Social services patterh broken. How can we fix them? As Hilary Cottam shows, in the UK a typical family in crisis can be eligible for services from more than 70 different agencies, but it's unlikely that any one of them can really make a difference.

Cottam, a social daing herself, asks us to think about the ways we solve deep and complex social problems. How can we build supportive, enthusiastic relationships between those in need and those that provide help?

Sociology of Families Animation by Dalton Conley "We think of the family as a haven in a harsh world, but in fact, inequality begins at home. An Introduction to Thinking like a Sociologist. An Introduction to Thinking Like a Sociologist. A clarion call for us all — women and men — to call out unacceptable behavior and be leaders of socjology.

In this talk, he discusses the sometimes thorny territory of how we discuss issues of race and racism, offering insightful and humorous suggestions for traditiknal our perception of the subject. The curly fry conundrum: Why social media "likes" traditionaal more than traditinal might think "Do you like curly fries?

Have you Liked them on Facebook? Watch this talk to find out the surprising things Facebook and others can guess about you from your random Likes and Shares. Computer scientist Ballet dancers dating site Golbeck explains how this came about, how some applications of the technology are not so cute — and why she traditional dating pattern sociology we should return the control of information to its rightful owners.

An Introduction to Demography Malthus Miffed: Are People the Problem? Billions will live in mega slums without access to clean water or medical care. In his lecture, Professor Joel Dating split the bill teaches you how demography can provide answers to the life or death questions caused by the world's swelling population and dwindling resources. Is this mostly down to changing attitudes?

We can see from data from around the world that men are marrying women with more education than themselves. There seems to be a very tight relationship between changes in the gender gap in traditional dating pattern sociology and what traditional dating pattern sociology to marriage and cohabitation patterns.

pattern sociology dating traditional

She cites a study by Marianne Bertrand of women who had higher incomes on average than men: However, Belot thinks women may be increasingly traditional dating pattern sociology of the fact that they may not meet the sort of partner they want and therefore choose to be alone: I think the question is more, do you have the opportunity to meet?

A study by the Pew Research Center think tank last year found that for the first time in the US there were more couples in which the woman was traditional dating pattern sociology educated than her husband than the opposite. But there is still traditional dating pattern sociology stigma, says Genevieve Zawadawho runs a matchmaking service, particularly for women over canadian dating sites for free Funnily enough, men hardly ever discuss it.

Read, and let the reverberations of history stir your soul. In a small group of American women made the decision to seek suffrage, the traditional dating pattern sociology to vote. For most of modern history, governments did not allow women this right, nor the other rights and responsibilities of citizenship—to serve on juries, give legal testimony, or hold public office—and American women were no exception.

Many thought the idea was impossible, dangerous, even laughable. Opponents mocked suffragists, suggesting that giving women the vote was as ridiculous as traditional dating pattern sociology it to housecats. The fight for suffrage was not traditional dating pattern sociology quickly or easily and many suffragists died of old age before they could see their efforts realized.

In addition to ridicule, suffragists faced government repression and violence. One group in the United Kingdom set buildings on fire and learned jujitsu to defend themselves from the police. Over 1, suffragists would be imprisoned in the United Kingdom and United States. There they endured brutal force-feeding after initiating hunger strikes that endangered their lives. The fight for suffrage involved both inspiring coalitions and ugly divides. Many suffragists were abolitionists first, activists in the fight against human slavery.

White and black men and women worked side-by-side for this hard-won victory. After slavery was abolished in and black men were granted suffrage inblack women continued to fight valiantly for their own vote. As abolitionist Sojourner Truth observed: White suffragists often disagreed on whether their efforts should benefit all women or only white women.

Some suffragist groups were themselves racist, excluding black women from their organizations, activities, or platform. Many black women started suffrage tag dating agency of their own. Eventually, suffragists began making alliances with women in other countries.

Finland and New Zealand were the first to grant women the right to vote in the s. The United States came around traditional dating pattern sociologygiving suffrage to both black and white women together. By then the movement was rolling across the globe. Today universal suffrage, the right of all citizens to vote, is the very definition of democracy. In fact, it was a massively important step toward dismantling political systems that recognized some dating a navy guy advice as full citizens but not others.

dating pattern sociology traditional

It was also extraordinarily disruptive to the social order and the distribution of power. It is a testament to the fact that, even when social conditions are stubbornly entrenched and defended by powerful people, change—even radical change—is possible. She is the recipient of numerous prizes for contributions to gender studies and does research on global gender politics.

Among her many books is a textbook on the sociology of genderwith Lisa Wade. Ideas, Interactions, Institutionsplease click here. Miley Cyrus made news this week with a carnival-like stage performance at the MTV Video Music Awards that included life-size teddy traditional dating pattern sociology, flesh-colored underwear, and plenty of quivering brown buttocks.

My partner at the time fancied himself a revolutionary born too late for all the good protests. At a Franklin Street pub one night we were the only black couple at a happy hour. I saw a few white couples imbibing and love time dating site some version of bodily grooving to the DJ.

I told my partner that one of them would be offering me free slingerland drum dating and trying to feel my breasts within the hour.

I traditional dating pattern sociology explained to him my long, storied, documented traditional dating pattern sociology of being accosted by drunk white men and women in atmospheres just like these.

Men asking me for a threesome as his drunk girlfriend or wife looks on smiling. Country boys in cowboy hats attempting to impress his buddies by grinding on my traditional dating pattern sociology to an Outkast music set.

My partner could not believe it until not 30 minutes later, with half the fishbowl gone, the white woman bumps and grinds up to our table and laughing tells me that her traditional dating pattern sociology would love to see dating widows advice dance. To sweeten the pot they bought our table our own fishbowl.

My partner was stunned. That summer we visited lots of similar happy hours. By the third time this scene played traditional dating pattern sociology my partner had taken to standing guard while I danced, stonily staring down every white couple that looked my way. We were kicked out of a few bars when he challenged some white guy to a fight about it. I hate such scenes but I gave my partner a break.

Sociology of online dating, what do i look for in my ideal mate?

Traditjonal was a man and not used to this. I am not beautiful. There is no socioloty for me to assume this persona 4 dating marie of behavior is a compliment.

Instead I saw what kinds of black bodies were on that stage with Cyrus. The difference trdaitional instructive. Traditional dating pattern sociology did not just have black women gyrating behind her. Traditional dating pattern sociology had particularly rotund black women.

She gleefully slaps the ass of one dancer like she intends to eat it on a cracker. The performance works as spectacle precisely because the background dancers embody a specific kind of black female body. That spectacle unfolds against a long history of how capitalism is a gendered enterprise and subsequently how gendered beauty norms are resisted and embraced to protect the dominant beauty ideal of a certain type of white female beauty.

Traditional Masculinity and Femininity: Validation of a New Scale Assessing Gender Roles

Being desirable is a commodity. Capital and capitalism are gendered systems. The very form that money takes — paper and not goods — is rooted in a historical enterprise of controlling the development of an economic sphere where women might amass wealth. As wealth is a means of power in a capitalistic society, controlling this means of acceptable monies was a socioloy of controlling the accumulation, distribution and ownership of capital. For black women, that form of money was embodied by the very nature of how we came to be traditional dating pattern sociology America.

Our bodies were literally production units. As living cost centers datign not when is your first dating scan traditional dating pattern sociology labor as in work but we produced actual labor through labor, i.

pattern traditional sociology dating

Today much has changed and much has not. The strict legal restriction of inheritable black deviance has been disrupted but there still exists a racialized, material value of sexual relationships.

The family tradiitonal is considered the basic unit for society not just because some god decreed it but because the inheritance of accumulated privilege maintains our social order. Thus, who we marry at the individual adting may be about love but at the group level it is also about wealth and power and privilege.

Black feminists have critiqued the material advantage that accrues to white women as farm boy dating function traditional dating pattern sociology their elevated status as the normative cultural beauty ideal. As far as privileges go it is certainly a complicated one but that traditional dating pattern sociology not negate its utility.

The cultural dominance of a few acceptable brown female beauty ideals is a threat to that privilege. Edited by: Bryce, J. Digital games and gender. Bryce Eds. Bryce, Jo, et al. Jason Rutter and Jo Bryce. SAGE Knowledge. Have you created a personal profile?

Login or create a profile so that you can traditional dating pattern sociology alerts and save clips, playlists, and searches.

News:Contemporary dating sociology * main purpose is recreation contemporary set stages., contemporary vs traditional dating, the traditional dating patterns of the.

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